My name is Amanda Drexler. I was born and raised in Guelph, ON and now live and work out of my home as an Independent Travel Agent in Elora, ON.

I have been married to my husband Ryan for 15 years and we have two children Keagan and Shaelin.

Our family LOVES to travel! We have what I refer to as ‘the travel bug’, and it is highly contagious! It is my goal to infect as many others as I can with this bug.

My love for travel started in high school when I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange to Germany. I experienced the thrill of adventure running through my blood. It also opened my eyes to how different North American lifestyles were to European lifestyles. I would say Europeans understand the concept of work to live over live to work far better than us. The majority of Europeans have a minimum of 6 weeks holiday and travel is high on the list of priority of what to do with that vacation time. For example when I was in Germany over Easter they get 3 weeks off school. The majority of that 3 weeks is spent traveling as a family.

In North America we seem to be regressing rather than progressing in the means of connectivity as a family. We are more connected to our devices than we are spending quality time with our family.  Ask yourself, When was the last day we disconnected from devices, work and other obligations and had a family day? How about a week?

My drive to increase family travel comes from my own childhood experiences of craving time with my own family and the memories that I have of taking family vacations. It also comes from loosing family members as a young adult and learning quickly that we are not promised tomorrow.

The health benefits alone of what travel does for the human body should have no one doubting the importance of vacation time. I specifically want to speak to fellow entrepreneurs when I point out these benefits.

Studies have shown that travel lowers stress levels, increases happiness and decreases depression. It has been found that these improvements last for weeks after return from holidays.
Studies have also found that travel expands your mind and increases brain health. Travel makes us more globally and culturally aware, it increases creativity and allows for massive personal growth.

Something tells me there may be some increases productivity too upon return.

So to answer your question: What does Holistic Travel mean? When defining a holistic view of travel it means your are investing in YOU. Your MIND, your BODY and your SOUL. How? By committing to booking that trip and disconnecting for some quality family time.

Dietary Challenges standing in your way of travel? I can help with that too!

I look forward to helping you and your family with a pre-packaged or customized vacation to an exotic destination.