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How Breaking Family Traditions aren’t as Bad as You Think

As an adult do you feel pressure and stress around the holidays?

I don’t know about you but Christmas isn’t the same as when I was little. When I was young my memories of Christmas were gathering as family and yummy food, not about elaborate gifts and keeping up with the Joneses. As I got older and living at home Christmas became a bad word in our household. You could see the anxiety and stress my mom would have around thinking of Christmas. My parents own a retail store and for them as they were building their business the Christmas season meant working tirelessly around the clock. My mom would be up until 3am wrapping gifts Christmas Eve all to see her hard work ripped to shreds hours later. Two days of rest and they were back to the grind.

Up until about 11 years ago after my dad nearly lost his life, asking my dad to take a week off work let alone over Christmas was like pulling teeth. I admire the dedication and drive he has for his business, years of hard work and sacrifice have paid off for my parents, however my dad almost didn’t have a chance to reap what they sewed.

My mom and I often chatted about going away for Christmas. In 2014 we finally decided it was time. Time to celebrate our immediate family for a whole seven days of quality FAM JAM time. Did we think of the family we traditionally would gather with over the two days? Of course we did. My mom was concerned about taking my husband away from his family over the holidays, but as he explained it had his mom still been alive this was something she would have loved to do with her kids. He was more than on board to have this experience with our kids. This was the right thing to do for our family, and you know what? It was the most stress free Christmas I have ever had as an adult! We bought small gifts for each other and in most cases it ended up being things we needed for our holiday. Santa still made it for our 7 and 9 year old, but he sure lightened his load. It was awesome! I thought our kids would expect Christmas when we returned home a week later, but NOPE they didn’t even ask. We gave our kids the best gift they could ever ask for, seven days of undivided attention from their Mom, Dad, Nanny, Papa, Uncle’s and Aunt.

Whether it’s Christmas that you choose to go away for, or another time of the year there truly is no better gift than the gift of traveling the world together.

On my wall in my office is a quote with a picture of one of our family travels that says “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” I couldn’t agree more.

Wondering you can put together an awesome Christmas Family Vacation? Follow me and see.

Thank You for taking this journey with me! Travel Is The Only Thing You Can Buy That Makes You Richer.

Cheers, Amanda