Six Packing Hacks to Avoid Luggage Fees.

Do you pack everything under the kitchen sink when you  travel? Are you envious of those who can travel with only a carry on?

With these six packing hacks, anyone can travel with just carry on.

  1. Think outfits, not pieces. Lay out items ahead of time with accessories and shoes. Try items on to make sure pieces work together and that they can be interchangeable.
  2. Roll don’t fold. Don’t worry about wrinkle free items. This takes up less space and helps decrease wrinkles. Buy a small spray bottle and fill it with water at the hotel. Gently spritz wrinkled clothing items and hang…voila no wrinkles.
  3. Pack laundry detergent. No matter the length of the trip pack  travel packs of laundry detergent to hand wash items.
  4. Use travel size containers. Pack toiletries in travel size containers or bring samples.  Check with hotel to see if they have blow dryers.
  5. Wear your bulky items. By wearing your heavy, bulky clothes and shoes to the airport you have more room in your carry on.
  6. Carry a large hand bag or backpack as your personal item. You can put your laptop and you should pack a smaller bag inside. This will allow room to bring extra items home or allow you to check your carry on if asked and still have your laptop.

There you go you’re ready to travel with a carry on!

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Thank you for taking the time to join me on one of my journeys. Remember, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.


Amanda Drexler – Holistic Travel