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The Complete Beginners Guide To Traveling With Toddlers

Our first family trip together was when my son was only 15 months old. We travelled to an all inclusive resort in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. As a couple my husband and I had travelled to All inclusive before and knew what to expect for Adults, but it was all new travelling with a 15 month old. So many questions! Will they have cribs? Will he be ok eating the resort food? What about drinking the milk? Do I need to bring our stroller? Do I need a car seat? How many diapers to pack? And the list goes on and on.  At the time I was not a travel agent , but we did use one. Using an agent has so many perks and can take a lot of the stress out of booking holidays, especially when travelling with kids. Our agent requested a crib for us, advised we bring a stroller (even though they had a trolley at the resort) when going off the resort or through the airport it wold be a good thing to have. She was right! Even though it was one more thing to bring we used it a lot. We made sure to keep our luggage to two pieces so we had hands for all the other stuff. We chose not to bring a car seat. The transfer to the hotel from the airport was a coach bus and there are no laws to have them their. No judging! We didn’t have them growing up and we lived!

When it came to food on the resort it was an All Inclusive and we were at a large resort so there was always food when you wanted it. We had lots of healthy options as well as your fried food options. This again is something to ask your agent about in regards to food and drink. Do they use water purification systems? Some countries you even need to use bottled water to brush your teeth, so it’s a great question. Some people choose to stick to foods that can be peeled or that have not been grown in their soil. We have never had any trouble in Mexico with food or water and any resorts we have stayed in have bottle water in the rooms for you.

We had a blast hanging together by the pool for the most part as my son is part fish like me. We were also lucky that my son would literally sleep anywhere. We laid him under a cabana most afternoons right by the pool and it gave us time as a couple for about two hours of pool time or naps ourselves.

We took one excursion to a park called Xcaret. They had underground Cenotes to swim in and the average temperature is about 70 degrees which in the heat felt quite refreshing. To the Mexican’s however, these temps were quite cold. As we entered the Cenote a few of the Mexican ladies by us started to panic saying “Bambino, bambino!” I guess they thought I was going to freeze my baby to death. The look on their faces when Keagan got in the water giggling and playing was hilarious. Bath water to Canadians! LOL. Our week came to an end , but our biggest adventure was about to begin. If you take any advice from this blog about traveling with toddlers, now is the time to listen. Make SURE you pack extra clothes in your diaper bag! Oh, and lots of wipes. Literally 10 minutes before boarding our plane to come home Keagan would have what I now call a POONAMI. Oh yeah, the BIGGEST liquid poop I have EVER witnessed! We must have looked like lunatics with the realization of what had just went down. Did I mention he was wearing a one piece outfit? A bag of wipes later and an outfit in the garbage we had him cleaned up. BTW, this clean up had to go down on the floor of the airport as I could not clean this up on my own in the washroom.  Did I mention make sure you have an extra outfit? Yup, bags are on their way to the plane and we have not one extra outfit for Keagan. Off to the shop in the middle of the airport my hubby goes. He comes back with the ONLY child sized thing he could find. I’m guessing that the t-shirt was for an eight month old tops. On we board the plane with our child in a belly top and a diaper to which we pray he does not fill again on the plane.

Honestly, travel with kids it’s fun!

Checklist for traveling with toddlers:


-medicine (just in case)


-snacks for the plane and resort

-books/toys to entertain

-extra diapers and wipes (these can cost you a fortune, if they even have them at the resort)

-detergent to hand wash clothes if needed

-swimmer diapers

-extra outfit for plane ride



-favorite blanket or stuffy

-bottles or sippy cup

-bug spray

Thank you for taking this journey with me!

Travel Is The Only Thing You Can Buy That Makes You Richer.  


Cheers, Amanda