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Why Things People Complain About On Holidays are Scarier than Donald Trump

Have you ever been on holidays and overheard a conversation that made you wonder why people even leave their house? Honestly! I have had to bite my tongue a few times and not been able to on other occasions. Sometimes people need to put things in perspective.  What I have noticed is ONE, some people have no patience and TWO some people have no respect. When on holidays remember, YOU’RE ON HOLIDAYS! What is the rush? Throw away the clock, relax and enjoy! When you’re on holidays, unless you are traveling in the U.S., Canada or Europe please remember that those serving you likely work for peanuts. Be kind, be patient, show gratitude and be generous. I’m going to speak more to All Inclusive holidays as this is where I have seen, heard and read some of the most incredible complaints.

About 5 years ago we were planning a group trip to Mexico. When looking for a holiday I usually go to the supplier site or hotel site first and then wonder over to Trip Advisor for a peek at what past patrons have had to say. My advice with Trip Advisor is to take it with a grain of salt.  Again this is where a Travel Agent comes in handy. We likely know information or have customer testimonies from post trip follow ups to be able to give you accurate information. We may have even visited the property ourselves.

With this particular trip we booked I did not look at Trip Advisor prior to booking and had I done so we may have said no to a resort we absolutely loved and had a fantastic experience at.

Can you believe that someone actually complained about the inner tubes for the lazy river being too hard? Huh? There were complaints about the food, how bad it was and the lack of variety. Complaints about how bad service was and the time people had to wait for food and drinks to be served. Complaints about lack of staff, pools being too hot, pools being too cold. Does every person agree on a perfect pool temperature? Likely not.

Our experience at The Grand Sirenis Mayan Riviera was one of the best!  We thought the food was amazing with lots of options both buffet and a la carte. The staff was also awesome. We didn’t feel we ever waited for anything, but of course we were never in a hurry. We took time to get to know some of our servers and joke around with them. OH, and by the way. The people who work at the resorts value someone who treats them with respect far more than you slipping them money every time you see them only to expect something in return. I have NEVER paid for good service, but do generously show my thanks.

I have overheard people coming down on resort staff for such petty things. Things like not having their room cleaned by noon. Aside from perhaps needing to put your child down for a nap, why do you need your room cleaned by noon? Why does this matter? I’m sorry, but I am so grateful to be on holidays not having to cook or clean myself that little things like this are just not worth getting worked up over.

My advice when on holidays, get off the resort and see what lies outside the gates. Get to know the resort staff, ask them about life and their country, it will give you another perspective when you want to complain and realize how blessed we are to live where we do.

Thank you for Taking this Journey with Me! Travel Is The Only Thing You Can Buy That Makes You Richer.

Cheers,  Amanda

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